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Transitional Support Program (TSP)

Transitional Support Program provides case management support to families, single adults and young people experiencing homelessness. Support workers provide holistic case management to address housing goals, mental and physical health and wellbeing needs, parenting and family support. The program focuses on capacity building to help avoid future episodes of homelessness. The program has been subject to launch site reforms. This program is responsible for the Justice Housing Support Program.

The Transitional Support Program (TSP) aims to provide people accessing
the service with an immediate crisis response as well as on-going support in the process of establishing and maintaining their housing. The Program’s Crisis Response is based on seeking to resolve the immediate presenting need for housing and seeks to assist people to:

  • Address their need for food and shelter.


Identify whether there are support areas for referral to be made to program
staff in order to provide further ongoing support. Transitional Support is
provided by Program staff and seeks to provide clients with:

  • Information about available services and community resources.
  • Advocacy and referrals in accessing services.
  • Personal support in working through options and issues.
  • Support with living and social skills development.
  • Practical assistance such as filling out application forms.

The role of TSP is to assist people who are in crisis and:

  • Homeless and have no accommodation or are in overcrowded or other forms of inappropriate housing.
  • At imminent risk of becoming homeless (for example pending eviction from private and public housing).
  • Unable to access their own alternative accommodation; and/or require some level of ongoing support in achieving secure accommodation and independence.


Within these considerations for providing support the Program will assist:

  • Young people over the age of 16.
  • Single adults of all ages.
  • Families.


TSP will provide clients with assistance in a range of areas in the process of achieving secure, stable and independent living. Our primary concern is with ensuring people are able to obtain appropriate long-term housing. Support will also occur in enhancing opportunities for clients to achieve independent living through assistance in:

  • Accessing recreational, educational and vocational or labour market options.
  • Accessing or maintaining income security.
  • Resolving family breakdown or other personal relationships.
  • Accessing counselling services to address personal issues.
  • Addressing the needs of children.
  • Promoting health and links to health-related services.


A particular feature of the Program is in the emphasis placed on delivery of services through an outreach approach. Clients will be visited in places and at times of their choice.

TSP provides services in Latobe City and Baw Baw Councils.

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