We celebrate diversity and inclusivity
Quantum's Diversity Statement

Quantum believes the celebration of diversity makes us and the community stronger. We are committed to embracing everyone‘s individual differences so that we can help create a strong workplace and community that is empowered to reach its potential. We celebrate diversity of abilities, genders, sexuality, and spiritual or religious belief, and all cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Quantum recognises that we all have diverse life experiences that may be influenced by age, ability, social and financial status. Quantum supports everyone‘s right to feel respected, safe, welcomed and valued

Our diversity branding


Quantum Support Services aims to connect people to the support they choose for safer, thriving families across Gippsland. Our organisation builds integrity, respect and empowerment both within and for the Gippsland community. An Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive Gippsland is important to Quantum and our new logo and colour design reflects these values. We used the colours of the diverse representational flags to guide how our organisation could visually present our values. We looked at the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Island flag, the Rainbow LGBTIQ+ flag and our Australian colours of green and gold in inform our design. By using these colours as representative of Gippsland’s diverse community and designing ribbon or streamer shapes we were able to showcase Quantum’s celebration of Gippsland’s diverse population.