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227 Princes Drive Call 1800 243 455


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306 Main Street Call 1800 243 455
Show your support

Quantum Support Services are looking for motivated and caring people to support us and the Gippsland community.

By supporting us you are helping to meet the needs of individuals, families and young people experiencing disadvantage or

crisis to improve their opportunities and quality of life.

Here are some ways you can help…


We always welcomes contact from members of the community and organisations wishing to contribute to our agency.

Call us 1800 243 455 or

Unwanted Goods?

Donating your unwanted goods goes towards, Gippsland women in crisis, people and families suffering from homelessness and children in care.

Call us 1800 243 455 or

Christmas and Easter

Many of our services involve children. We conduct annual drives at Easter and Christmas for these children and young people within Gippsland.

Call us 1800 243 455 or

Interested in Foster & Kinship Care?

We are always in need for more Carers, so if you are interested in becoming a household that can support and care for a child or young person….

we would love to hear from you.

Contact Quantum

    I need support for myself
    • Someone I know needs support
    • I’m a support professional seeking information
    • I’d like to support Quantum
    • I'm interested in becoming a Foster Carer or Kinship Carer