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Family Violence Intensive Case Management Service – General, CALD and Disability

This program provides support and assistance to women and women with children who are experiencing family violence, who require more support due to their complex needs. Support can include but is not limited to assistance to find safe secure affordable housing; assistance linked to employment, education and training; assistance to relocate; assistance to access therapeutic or other longer term support options; and, assistance and advocacy to increase safety and freedom from violence.

Support needs have increased markedly in this program in Inner Gippsland since the inception of The Orange Door due to the number of high risk, complex women and women with children that have been referred for ongoing case management support.

Complex needs vary and can include, but are not limited to, providing support, advocacy and referral options to women and women with children who need assistance with issues including mental health, substance dependency, isolation and disability. Women and women with children in this program can be at a higher risk of fatality or serious injury due to the added complexity that these factors add to the risk presented by being impacted by family violence.