February 22, 2024

Response to State Government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness

The State Government has released its response to the Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria, more than three years after the inquiry was handed down.

Quantum Support Services Chief Executive Officer Natalie McDonald said Quantum, as a key provider of homelessness support throughout Gippsland, was seeing the impact of homelessness on the community every day.

“We know in Gippsland that about 7500 households are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness and that more than 3733 households accessed entry points for crisis homelessness support in 2022-23,” Ms McDonald said.

“We also know that our latest Census data showed that, on any given night, at least 30,000 Victorians are without a home, including 6800 children.

“It was well past time that a Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness was conducted in our state. And we thank the State Government for releasing its response to this major report.

“It is a big step forward that 45 of the 51 recommendations have been accepted in full or in principle.
“What is disappointing is that despite the recognition of the growing issue, there has been no increase in funding to achieve any of these recommendations to make a difference.

“We need to act quickly and appropriately to address this growing crisis.”

For more information on the support services available through Quantum Support Services visit www.quantum.org.au or phone 1800 243 455.