May 11, 2020

Quantum Support Services included in Latrobe Health Services $1M support packages


Quantum Support Services was delighted to receive advice of a $350,000 donation as part of the $1M support package announced by not-for-profit insurer Latrobe Health Services. The donation was part of a $1M support package to three leading organisations working across Gippsland.

With an expected 30% increase in family violence and the added pressure on families as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this cash injection will assist Quantum to better provide services to those who need it most.

Quantum will use the donation to provide therapeutic support services to men, women and families as part of an early intervention and prevention Family Violence Service; as well as bolster the provision of food and care packages to vulnerable families impacted by COVID-19 including those affected by job loss and food insecurity.

Quantum’s chair, Roland Davies, stated “Quantum, as a Gippsland-wide organisation, will ensure the donation contributes to addressing the needs of vulnerable community members affected by COVID-19, and is grateful to Latrobe Health Services for their generosity.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Pearson welcomes the additional support and the assistance it will provide to vulnerable individuals and families throughout Gippsland. During these unprecedented times, vulnerable communities are at higher risk of illness, poverty, violence and disadvantage and the community sector is facing high demand, and workforce, safety and sustainability challenges.

“The use of the funds will be underpinned by the Family Welbeing Model of Care Framework adapted by Quantum Support Services, and will support the mobilisation, education and advocacy work to men and families which is strengthened by this donation.”

Ms Pearson says, “The organisation will initiate the development of a therapeutic model that includes men’s and women’s wellness advocates, a first-time opportunity for Quantum. This work will contribute to the provision of more targeted support to men, particularly those feeling vulnerability as a result of COVID-19 including stresses associated work and economic limitations.”

A component of the donation will be used for care packages and ensuring vulnerable families have access to Quantum’s Food Pantry supplies during these times.

Quantum’s Manager of Innovation and Community Strengthening, Lisa Simpson, welcomes the difference this donation will make. The East Gippsland Community Hub regularly supports over 40 families per week, with both food and toiletry supplies, as well as cookery and gardening activities.

Ms Simpson states “We are proud to work with other agencies in the East Gippsland region, who have described the service as an invaluable asset to community wellbeing.  The programs offered at the East Bairnsdale Community Hub add to emotional wellbeing of the community and contribute to enhanced social engagement of the residents accessing the service”.

Overall, this community support package will strengthen Quantum Support Service’s ability to help and advocate vulnerable families and individuals Gippsland wide. The organisation is extraordinarily thankful to Latrobe Health Services for the donation and view the donation as an opportunity to build ongoing business partnerships and philanthropic supports to better support the community into the future.