June 10, 2022

New provider to host East Bairnsdale Community Hub

Quantum Support Services will hand over the keys of the East Bairnsdale Community Hub to Uniting Gippsland from 30 June 2022.
For the past six years Quantum has been part of the East Bairnsdale community, hosting activities including cooking, art and gardening programs, community building and connection activities and hosting twice weekly all-inclusive lunches at the site.

The East Bairnsdale Community Hub has also offered a regular food security program to the public with the support of Food Bank Australia, ran by volunteers.

“Quantum took on the location to offer a space where people could come and connect,” Quantum Chief Executive Natalie McDonald said.

“Over the years we have come to know the Bairnsdale East community well. While we may have been the managers of the site, it is the volunteers who turn up week after week that make it the welcoming place it is known for. It is a fantastic community facility that encourages friendships and support.”

Ms McDonald said Quantum recently undertook a review of the services it offered and made the difficult decision to not continue as hosts of the facility.

“Quantum has built a strong reputation in leading family violence specialist services, homelessness programs, youth programs and Out of Home Care. This is where our primary focus will continue,” she said.

“We are excited that Uniting is coming on board as the new hosts, and believe they will be a wonderful fit.
Uniting Vic.Tas Gippsland Executive Officer Di Fisher said they were looking forward to continuing the work of Quantum Support Services in making the hub a place where the East Bairnsdale community continues to meet, connect, learn and receive support.

“We have a long history providing community programs and services in this region, particularly Bairnsdale and East Gippsland and that tradition will continue at the East Bairnsdale Community Hub,”Ms Fisher said.

For more information on the support services available through Quantum Support Services visit www.quantum.org.au or phone 1800 243 455.