April 20, 2023

Gippsland’s young people experiencing homelessness need a better solution

Quantum Support Services is backing calls for a better solution to support our young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Gippsland.

Quantum Support Services’ Chief Executive Natalie McDonald said many young people were unable to get the support they needed to change their lives and break the cycle of disadvantage.

“It is estimated more than 1300 young people in inner Gippsland experience homelessness each year,” Ms McDonald said.

“But inner Gippsland only has 14 crisis beds available for young people seeking emergency accommodation, and a further 16 beds for medium-term accommodation,” she said.

“Our young people experiencing homelessness need more than a housing solution, they also need wrap around support, access to schools, further learning, jobs and life skills. This is why Quantum is working to bring a youth foyer to Gippsland.”

Ms McDonald said Quantum was looking for a whole system response.

“This youth foyer isn’t just about Quantum, it is a model for Gippsland with multiple partners. It is about breaking the cycle of disadvantage that often extends across generations,” she said.

“The Foyer Foundation’s recently commissioned report ‘Under One Roof’ found 80 per cent of young people who went through a youth foyer transitioned to safe and stable housing, more than two thirds were in employment on exit and had improved overall health outcomes throughout their lifetime.

“The report showed the investment in the Foyer model not only generates results for young people, but also creates benefits for state and federal governments.”

For more information on the support services available through Quantum Support Services visit www.quantum.org.au or phone 1800 243 455.